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Summer of Super Short Stories 2, Week Four

After week three’s infidelities, perhaps week four will inspire you to consider LOVE? Our judge, romance author Margaret Locke, is an expert on the topic, after all. Learn more about her at http://margaretlocke.com/

As always, below you will find a photo prompt and a line prompt. Use the picture to inspire you. The line prompt must be included somewhere in your story of 350 words or less. You can see a larger version of the picture by clicking on it. There are no content restrictions, but our judge  this week advises that any violence and graphic material should be necessary to the story and not gratuitous.

Submit your story or stories (up to two) in the reply section to this post no later than Saturday at 6pm PST. Please include word count and Twitter handle/email/other identifiers at the beginning of the story. Winners will be announced next Tuesday. Please see our Contest Rules for more information.

And here are your prompts!

Use this four word phrase in any part of your story:

“You have a choice


Image credit: Silence by Eddi Van W  flickr CC 2.0
Image has not been altered from its original form.