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Week Four Judge: Margaret Locke

Experienced Flash Fictioneer Margaret Locke will be the arbiter of this week’s contest. You may know Margaret from Flash! Friday, where she contributes regularly and has judged in the past. You also may know her as the author of the fab contemporary romance A Man of Character, which came out earlier this year.


A former doctoral student in medieval history turned stay-at-home-mom, Margaret is a self-proclaimed bookworm and a lover of romance novels. Keep an eye out for more books from Margaret in the romance genre!

As far as flash stories go, Margaret says, “I love sumptuous language, witty word play, finesse with language … and a story that evokes an emotional response in me. Humor is always appreciated, but anything that makes me feel, makes me want to keep reading, makes me go ‘Yes!’, makes me happy.”

She cautions that violence or graphic language will only be appreciated if necessary to the story’s context.



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