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Week Three Judge: Tamara Shoemaker

Our week three judge is the prolific fiction and flash writer, Tamara Shoemaker. Tamara has several novels under her belt, piles of flash fiction awards decorating her shelves, and long experience judging for flash contests. Join us on Thursday for the opening of round three!

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She lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with her husband, three children, a few jars of Nutella, and a never-empty carafe of coffee. She authored the Amazon best-selling Shadows in the Nursery Christian mystery series and Soul Survivor, another Christian mystery. Her fantasy books include the beginning of the Heart of a Dragon trilogy, Kindle the Flame, as well as the upcoming Guardian of the Vale trilogy, Mark of FourShades of Uprising, and Guardian of the Vale.

Tamara’s two latest fiction books are Soul Survivor, a dark, contemporary mystery, and Kindle the Flame, a fast-paced YA fantasy (with dragons.)

Kindle-the-Flame-Kindle Soul Survivor Color

Tamara had this to say about her story preferences:

“I enjoy stories that go beyond the first impulse, the thing everyone else will see when they look at the prompt. A story with layers of meaning, a story with a frame, a story that completely absorbs me and makes me forget that I’m reading will always capture and hold my attention.

With that in mind, do, please, proofread before submitting. It’s quite jarring to be adrift on a story before plummeting to earth with a “their” instead of a “they’re.” I’m a sucker for romance and fantasy, usually together, but as long as the story is well-crafted and typo-free, I’ll enjoy the journey with your characters in any genre. I’m not interested in reading stories with violence, sex, or profanity that is superfluous to the story’s theme. If those things are needed to move the story to where it needs to go, I will enjoy the craft.”

Follow Tamara on her blog: http://tamarashoemaker.org/