Summer of Super Short Stories Week One Winner!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a story! This week’s prompt—a photo of Luminous Creature Emily June Street—inspired wonderful tales of faraway places, retellings of myths, and a racy story of enchanted love.

Karl A. Russell’s delicious story The Enchantment centered on the daughter of a lord desperate for the stable boy’s love.

Catherine Connolly cleverly invoked the Persephone myth in her image-rich story “The Descent.”

“The Bargain” by David Gentner brought readers to a crowded bazaar with its vivid descriptions of sights, smells, and sounds.

In his humorous “Fruit of a Fallen Hesperide,” Russell Magellan imagines Atalanta confronting Aphrodite about the fruit that changed her life.

With such lovely variety of stories so beautifully rendered, it is hard to choose a winner. But such is the nature of contests, so here we go:

First Runner-Up goes to David Gentner. In addition to his beautifully drawn world, he offered a poignant twist reminiscent of the Gift of the Magi at his story’s end.

Week One Winner is Karl A. Russell. The first sentence pulled me right into Elizabeth’s story, conveying so much in so few words. With such gorgeous language, Karl freed Elizabeth’s from the confines of her role, allowing her to experience passion. And the little twist at the end, that uneaten enchanted peach—delicious.

Congratulations, Karl! Your story will appear on the LCP blog tomorrow!

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