Summer of Super Short Stories Week Four Winner!

Our prompt photo this week depicted a dreamy forest scene, and so I was not surprised to read hypnogogic stories full of forest creatures, the shades of bittersweet memories, and changelings.

I loved the clash of “urban smells and adult sensibilities” with the fairytale heaven for lost children in Casey Rose Frank’s story, “Him.” This story balanced its two sides, the weight of loss and image of the idyllic forest, with graceful aplomb.

Voima Oy’s fae wedding of forest creatures conjured vivid images—a parade of hares and squirrels, bouquet-toting raccoons, and of course the green-eyed cat bride with her veil of spiderwebs. The cast of characters gave this story life and motion.

The winning story this week is Karl A Russell’s well-crafted “The Paths Divergent.” The rhythmic, poetic cadence enhanced the bittersweet subtext, and I truly felt the heaviness of our narrator’s steps down the divergent path as he left his “ghost girl.”

Congratulations to Karl and thank you to everyone who participated this week.


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