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Release date january 3, 2015

Explore fantasy realms dark and light in the first flash fiction anthology produced by Luminous Creatures Press.Viewed through the tiny aperture of five hundred words, each of these smoke-long stories reveals magical worlds evoked by beautiful images from artistic photographers.

Meet the ominous fairies, intrepid time travelers, and mischievous imps that spring from the vast imaginations of twelve cutting edge writers. These author-magicians will spellbind you with the fleeting sorcery of the best flash fiction.

Stories and art by: David Borrowdale, N.E. Chenier, Catherine Connolly, Beth Deitchman, Jacki Donnellan, Holly Geely, Mark. A. King, Christian Miller, Voima Oy, Karl. A. Russell, David Shakes, Emily June Street, A.J. Walker, Brady Wedman, and Jerry Wingren.


Release Date January 15, 2013
Monsters mythical and mundane prowl the pages of Ungodly Hungers. Love kills and obsession destroys. Artistry is subverted by hatred, friendship marred by envy. A mother’s love is twisted by her insatiable need for attention. A vengeful goddess curses a girl to centuries of loss. In these stories, dark women succumb to even darker hungers. Kindle Version

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Release Date Mar 30, 2013
In this collection of stories animals guide, protect, motivate, and inspire humans as they struggle with balancing their obligation to tradition with their desires for freedom. The people and animals of these stories inhabit richly detailed fantasy worlds where cultures clash as beliefs are transformed.

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