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LCP Update

Beth and I had a long overdue LCP meeting today at the Hummingbird Cafe in Fairfax, where we ate delicious Cajun food.

Beth is busy drafting Regency Magic Book Three and working on short stories. I may have convinced her to return to some detective fiction she was working on a few years ago, too.

I’m wrapping up the final touches on The Cedna, Tales of Blood & Light Book Two, which will be available December 27th, 2015. I’m also revising STERLING, ToB&L Book Three, and I’m hoping to get it out to some fresh readers in the new year. Next I’m fiddling around with some drafts that have been stewing on the desktop and maybe be ready for the next layer of work.

Most importantly, our annual winter flash fiction contest–Winter of Whimsey & Wyrdness–will begin in January 2016. The theme is REBIRTH. Stayed tuned for further details about the contest structure and prompts.

Summer Writing Fun

Luminous Creatures is back from a long but productive hiatus. Beth and Emily had a great writing meeting today to plan our next few months of LCP activity. We discussed the upcoming release of Emily’s new fantasy book, The Gantean, our plans for a summer flash fiction contest, and the impossible evil of pants.

Afterwards we went shopping for costumes for a book trailer for The Velocipede Races special edition and found a perfect racing jacket and gauntlets, not to mention black lace gauntlettes!

Stay tuned for updates on all fronts. The Summer of Super Short Stories ’15 will commence the first week of July. We have a very unique theme planned to take us through eight weeks of fabulous flash fiction.

LCP 2014

Here’s what we did in 2014:

Here’s what we plan to do in 2015:

  • Publish Five Hundred Words of Magic (coming January 3rd in all ebook formats!)
  • Publish first two books in Emily’s Lethemia series: The Gantean and The Cedna
  • Publish a collection of Beth’s short stories
  • Offer all our books in epub and other formats on multiple platforms
  • Host three flash fiction contests
  • Return to Marin Academy to talk about flash fiction and possibly create a flash anthology of student writing.

Writing Process Blog Tours and More

Beth and Emily both participated in the Writing Process Blog Tour chain and wrote posts on their writing process. You can see the blogs on their personal sites:

Read Beth’s Blog here.
Read Emily’s blog here.

Also, we’d like to give another huge thanks to everyone who participated in our Summer of Super Short Stories contests. We had great fun organizing it. Stay tuned for another round of Super Short Stories coming this fall. The next contest will have a theme (magic, magic!) and an exciting final outcome.

Looking Back and Looking Forward

We’ve had a look back over our first year as Luminous Creatures Press and were pleased by what we saw! During 2013 we:

*published four books: two collections of short stories, a novella, and a novel.
*got some lovely reviews of our books on Amazon, Goodreads, and book blogs
*made great connections with other writers and readers via social media
*did a couple of interviews about our work
*did a guest blog post with Indie Jane

We also learned a couple of important things:

*finding readers, though key, is a big challenge
*marketing is a mystery

Here’s what to expect in 2014:

*paperback versions of books
*a new novel set in the same world as The Velocipede Races
*the first two books in a new fantasy series
*the next Regency Magic Book: Margaret Dashwood and the Enchanted Atlas
*audiobooks (Beth is dusting off her voice-over acting skills as we type)
*a contest for writers